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We want our members to feel THE PWN SPACE gives them a strong sense of community, where they feel included and appreciated and can actively contribute to our mission.  Each time they leave THE PWN SPACE they do so feeling they have invested their time wisely by developing new skills, networking with interesting people, sharing their experiences and learning something new.  They are always keen to come back! They actively promote the network!

  • Balanced Leadership

    It’s no secret that balanced leadership is no longer simply the ‘right’ thing to do – major research projects have shown, time and time again, that it’s the profitable thing to do. Forward thinking companies and professionals know that putting balanced leadership at the heart of their business strategies will lead to sustainable growth and profit.  Click here to access the latest trends and global thinking on balanced leadership. Understand what role you can play to boost your own career and that of others in a sustainable and balanced environment.

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  • Group Mentoring 2022

    The 2022 Group Mentoring Programme launching Thursday 13th January 2022! 

    Following the successful pilot in 2020, and 2021 PWN Dublin will be accepting applications for 2022 Group Mentoring Programme from January 13th 2022 after our launch event "Shaping Your Career in the Future Workplace" .

    This programme is available to full PWN Dublin members only. If you would like to take out a membership please register here.

    There will be 10 different topics to choose from, each led by one of our wonderful mentors who bring a wealth of talent and experience to the program. There will be 6 participants in each group. Each group will meet for 6 sessions between  February and  May 2022.

    Dates of sessions will be pre-set and will all be online this year, at least to start.  Successful applicants may only attend one group, however, may apply to a maximum of 3 groups; you can indicate your order of preference on the application form.

    The application form, including a summary of the programme followed by a brief bio on each of the mentors and their particular group theme, can be downloaded if you

      copy/ paste this URL directly into your browser bar and hit return (don't try to click through as for some does not work)


    There are still places available so apply now and we will be in touch!

    Closing date for receipt of applications will be 28th January 2022.

    If you have any queries or require further information, please email mentoring@pwndublin.net

     Our mentors for 2022

     ten mentors


  • Entrepreneurship

    Currently, 30% of PWN’s global member base identify themselves as Entrepreneurs. If you are one, or aspire to be one, this strand of our work can give you an excellent insight simply by introducing you to an established network of entrepreneurs. In addition to this niche networking opportunity, we can also provide you with lots of practical advice as you establish and develop your business ideas.

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  • Balanced boards

    We recognise that the C-suite leaders amongst our members need have some very specific needs and we can support these needs through a range of services and initiatives.

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  • Networking / Events

    Networking is one of the single most powerful ways to boost your career - our mantra: connect, share, learn, develop, is exactly what networking is about. The more you connect and share, the more you learn and learning always leads to development. Take a more detailed look at the benefits of networking, how to do it, and the amazing list on online and offline events that we run around the world.

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  • Knowledge

    Too much information, not enough time? Let us help you cut though the noise!! We present you with the most up to date news, reports and research by delivering relevant news from the world of balanced leadership, mentoring and entrepreneurship to this one-stop knowledge hub. 

    Check out some of the great information on offer (even more when you become a member!)

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